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Laminate Flooring

If you’re after the look of natural timber without the fuss of maintaining the wood, laminate flooring is a great alternative.

Unlike vinyl floorings, laminate flooring is made of 99% wood byproduct and they have a more natural look compared to similar designs on vinyl planks.

Laminate flooring, like vinyl, is comprised of several layers. The top wear layer protects the printed design layer. The core layer is made from wood byproducts, held together by resin. This makes laminate floorings “softer” to walk on or stand on. Unlike natural wood, they create much less noise when people are walking around.

They can look remarkably similar to solid hardwood, minus the hefty price tag and cumbersome installation. Laminate floors are installed as floating floors: they are connected to each other, but not to the subfloor. The boards are either glued together or snapped together making it suitable as a DIY project.

Though laminate floors can withstand minor spills without damage, prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the wood core. That is why laminate floors are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and home offices. And if you’re thinking of selling, a high-quality flooring solution like laminate will add to your property’s resale value.

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