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Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is a durable, water-resistant flooring option made of high-quality materials. It is often mistaken for linoleum – they both come in big rolls that have printed designs on them.

The big difference though is that sheet vinyl often has more modern designs and does not require glue to be installed securely on your floor.

Sheet vinyl floorings have many layers: the top wear layer which is a finish that protects your floor from stains and damage, the image layer that has the design, and the core layer that provides the water-proofing and adds rigidity. Some vinyl flooring may also have an underlayer that adds cushion and makes floors quieter.

Sheet vinyl can be used in any room, but it’s the best choice for rooms where the floors have high foot traffic and moisture like the kitchen, laundry room, basement, toilets, and bathrooms. In commercial use, it is ideal for hospitals and care facilities.

As the name suggests, sheet vinyl comes in one big roll. This makes installation easy for laying in big spaces. Provided that the sheet vinyl is cut to size correctly, this means that there will be fewer seams where moisture can seep into your subflooring.

Sheet vinyl may be a challenge to install compared to vinyl tiles or vinyl planks and is best left for professionals to save on materials, time, cost and effort.

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