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Vinyl Plank

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks are a great alternative to hardwood flooring. It looks the same as hardwood, but costs much less, it’s easier to install, and is low maintenance.

Floorings made of vinyl have at least three layers:

  • Top wear layer – a finish that protects your floor from stains and damage

  • Image layer – contains the printed design for a realistic look

  • Core layer – provides the water-proofing and adds rigidity

Many vinyl planks also have an underlayer usually made with felt that results in a “softer” floor that has more give and is easier on the body when standing up for a long time. This cushion also helps in muffling the sounds of footsteps and items dropped on a vinyl plank flooring are less prone to break.

Like other vinyl floorings, vinyl planks are water-resistant. When installed properly, they are better against water damage than a laminate on actual hardwood floors.

They are very low maintenance: vinyl plank flooring only needs routine cleaning with sweeping and the occasional mopping as needed.

Vinyl planks can be installed directly on top of your subfloor, provided that it is in very good condition. It can also last up to 20 years with the usual wear and tear. There is also no issue if you are installing underfloor heating systems.

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